Immigration Consulting

Immigration consultation services

After much discernment, Patti has decided to continue to offer immigration services but only to current clients or those recommended by current clients. There are no immigration services during tax season because we are very busy during that time. Please call for an appointment, there are no consultation services available without an appointment. 

An immigration consultant is not an attorney and must file a bond with the Secretary of State of California.  An immigration consultant may assist in the preparation of forms and submitting documents for the process of immigration but cannot advise on any legal levels.

Un consultor de inmigracion no es un abogado y debe presenter un bono con la Secretary of State of California. Un consultor de inmigración puede ayudar en la preparación de las formas y la presentación de documentos para el proceso de inmigración, pero no puede aconsejar sobre las cosas legales.


Department of Homeland Security Information on how to apply for a Green Card, immigrate a family member, or become a citizen.
Check Your Case Status After you have filed your paperwork, you can check your case status here.
Path to Citizenship Find information on what you need to have to complete the application for citizenship.
National Visa Center The guide to processing your immigration packet, once the USCIS has transferred your case to the NVC.
USCIS Fees Check the government fees for filing your specific form. 
Practice tests
Study for your naturalization tests.


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